Surveying Terms

Some common and some not so common.


Maine Towns

Some of the towns I have recently completed projects in:

Albany, Andover, Bethel, Bridgton, Buckfield, Casco, Greenwood, Harrison, Hebron, Lovell, Newry, Otisfield, Oxford, Paris, Rumford, Stoneham, Sumner, Waterford, West Paris, Woodstock.

Click Here for a listing of towns that I have done work in. My service area is the entire state of Maine.

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Surveying Terms

Some common and some not so common

Surveying Terms
Something marking a property corner or boundary line, it Could be a tree, rock, iron pipe, old axle or even just the land of an abutter.
A mark cut into a tree to evidence a boundary line. 3 principle types being a “full” blaze, when a boundary passes through the tree, a “1/4 blaze”, when the line passes within the length of an axe head to the tree, and a “face blaze”, when the line passes within the length of an axe handle from the tree.
Witness Tree
A tree usually marked with three blazes on the side facing a boundary corner, usually more than one witness tree is found at a corner so marked.
Total Station
A surveying instrument, often still called a transit, used to measure angles and distances. Used in the location of property corners and other features associated with mapping a property.
The total station or transit.
Station or Traverse Point
A point set by a surveyor that the total station is set over while locating features. Usually set near a boundary but not necessarily on the line. Small spikes are often used as stations.
A series of lines from station to station around a property from which angles to features are measured.
Turn & Burn
To rapidly traverse from station to station when there are very few or no features to locate.
A specially designed piece of glass used to reflect a distance-measuring beam from the total station to an object being located.
Taking a shot
Using the total station and prism to locate a feature.
To set a permanent monument marking the location of a property corner. Rebar being the most common type of monument set.
Wrap it & Cap It
The last part of stakeout. Wrapping colored flagging around the rebar and placing a cap identifying the surveyor upon it.
A steel tape (formerly a wire linked chain) used to measure distances. Also can be verb, to chain a line is to measure its distance.
Throwing the Chain
The disappearing art of making a steel tape more manageable for carrying.
16-1/2 feet (usually), 160 square rods equals one acre. 4 rods equal 1 chain, 80 chains equal one mile. A chain is also often divided into 100 links.
Fast Stone
A large natural stone partially underground. Sometimes used as a property corner.
Dead Furrow
A faintly visible line though a field or woods made long ago by a plow. Sometimes evidence of an old property line